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19 June 2008

Tour de Cure 2008- Fixed Gear Team Slideshow

See below for the show...



18 June 2008

Tour de Cure 2008, Fixed Century Video

Tour de Cure 2008, Fixed Century
I've included a small video of the ride below:

If anyone has some editing software please let me know! I would love to cut out a few seconds and add some music.


07 April 2008

Sunday Wanderlust

This started out as a trip to set the route for a Randonneur USA [RUSA] Permanent that I am trying to establish. I had talked a few brave soles into coming with me but weather, sickness, home moving, and grogginess played havoc with our attrition rates. While they didn't ride with me this day, Canyons were Conquered later that day. Best yet, was that rubber side was down for everyone that had fun.

I made it to Caffe Ibis on Federal at about 8:14… even I was late. Not a cycle to be seen except the red steel horse I was riding. If my surly x-check was really a horse, I would like to think it would be a Justin Morgan. Yet, it was far too early for such thoughts so I got a large cup of coffee and pulled out the cell phone.

“Hey, looks like the weather predictions are keeping everyone inside. Do you want to have breakfast with me?”

Lauren was there on her bike in about 15 minutes ---she was at the Cafe ca. 8:45.

We talked; and pondered; and rushed home; and then at around 9:58am give or take 30 sec.s we were rolling out of town towards my permanent’s maiden voyage, first stop Trenton then to Clarkston.

Even before arriving in Clarkston we started changing the route sheet. In many ways I was very very happy that no one had been waiting for me at 8:00 that morning. Nothing can compare to road time. Nothing.
Besides, this was turning into quite the adventure.

After heading out of Clarkston, the route sheet was history as one of the roads that I had set the route on was turning to icy gravel. I looked back a Lauren as she struggled to push 76 gearinches up an 8-10% grade.(**the hill shown below is just before Clarkston, UT)

We turned around and headed southwest along 142 and then took a right up 7800 North / Fielding RD / Long Divide Rd or as we later found out from a local covered in grease and dirt, “middle pass”. What ever it is, it is fantastic. I don’t know if we will talk anyone into riding again…Robert???...BUT this pass is beautiful!!!
(Up to the Pass out of Clarkston)

Once over the pass, we entered Box Elder county and made about a 3-4mile decent on gravel roads into Fielding, Ut. If we had taken a right or headed north on 3600West, we would have been in Plymouth, Utah.

Since it was getting late for lunch, we decided on a right in to Fielding and then on hwy13 to Riverside. We stopped at the Riverside gas station and country store for lunch and a regular sit down toilet. One would think that a rural area would afford plenty of private facility bushes but not so on a Sunday in northern Utah.

(I will have to take another video of Lauren demostrating the "fixed-gear-switchbacks"; it is sort of a lost art in cycling)

With less than "20 mile lefts" to get to Logan, Lauren and I decided to head south on 38. The quest for a century was still in our blood regardless of the forecasted foul weather(~40F,rain and/or snow).

On the horizon just past Plymouth, weather was boxing us in from the northwest. We were not ready to head home. Once again the route sheet was thrown to the wind.We headed away from Logan, away from any planned route and out in to Wanderlust. So, 38 to Brigham city it was.

Notice the weather following us...

FYI… 38 is a great road and goes right past a Hot Springs.
As I write this I’m thinking how easy a Tour du Hot Springs would be. Anyway,,,,

After Brigham City, we hit Sardine pass and Lauren had another *lat. We eventually split up as Lauren stomped and strained with her gearing up the pass. It was getting late, weather was turning for the worse, and I had given Lauren my taillights and headlights. Thinking, "Must get to Logan grab the Element and pick her up….."
(pictures is of the *LAT)

(the only sun over Sardine...at Dry Lake)

(At this moment I thought Logan was going to be HELL... I spun my legs off racing down to get the car...)

While I made great time getting home, I saw Lauren on 89 just outside of Honor Copy in Logan…. She had to have been going much faster down hill than she ever will give herself credit for because she was only 15minutes behind me at max…

(my entry into Cache Valley..yes I had to stop for this pic!)

ALL in All It was a great ride. There are many new ideas for the permanent but having useful controls is going to be rule of thumb from here on out. I hate to have the route on a major road but then I can’t have informational controls on 80% of the route either. I must plan more and test plans out on longer and longer trips! ;->

For those of you out on other adventures I will leave you with this parting shot:


04 April 2008

Sunday Ride 06Apr2008

I'm going to be updating this post over the next day or so. Please check back as I will have a downloadable route sheet and maybe edits to the map below.
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02 April 2008

Warm Showers

Howdy folks!
I've been a member of WarmShowers.org for almost a year now. It is spring in Utah and whether or not we can see the tulips for the snow, it is spring...
Since it is spring, cyclist are heading our way!
Look I know I'm not going to fill up the valley with two wheeled "vehicles" instead of the usually 4 wheeled smog generators.

I can open my house to a select few cyclists looking for adventure thus tipping the car bike balance in my favor!

You can as well. Just sign up at Warm Showers. If you need a place to stay on your next cross county tour by bike, there are plenty of folks that will open their doors to you. For me it is a way to get back to my Southern roots and provide a bit of hospitality to the adventurous two wheeled tourer. Nothing more than good karma!