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02 April 2008

Warm Showers

Howdy folks!
I've been a member of WarmShowers.org for almost a year now. It is spring in Utah and whether or not we can see the tulips for the snow, it is spring...
Since it is spring, cyclist are heading our way!
Look I know I'm not going to fill up the valley with two wheeled "vehicles" instead of the usually 4 wheeled smog generators.

I can open my house to a select few cyclists looking for adventure thus tipping the car bike balance in my favor!

You can as well. Just sign up at Warm Showers. If you need a place to stay on your next cross county tour by bike, there are plenty of folks that will open their doors to you. For me it is a way to get back to my Southern roots and provide a bit of hospitality to the adventurous two wheeled tourer. Nothing more than good karma!

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